About Us

 I started this company on the idea that; You shouldn't have to sacrifice "quality of life" because of limited mobility.
I became a paraplegic in 1991 doing what I enjoyed, racing dirt bikes. An active adventurous person by
nature, I didn't wake up the next day with no desire to do the things I enjoyed. I still wanted to go hunting and fishing, venture through the woods, go to an outdoor concert or just work in the yard pulling weeds, raking leaves and trimming branches.

At the time, there wasn't a wheelchair capable of adequately doing those things. As the years passed, I had foolishly accept, that, if nothing was being made available, nothing could be available. I just got use to staying on relatively flat firm ground, sidewalks and driveways and the desires to do the things I enjoyed, my "quality of life", slipped into memory.  Technology, advanced the capabilities of wheelchairs, but at prices that precluded nearly everyone, except those insured, and with a "medical necessity". "Quality of life", not being a medical necessity and the fact that someone else controlled my "quality of life", I decided to build this recreational powerchair, from an idea, that a capable and affordable, recreational power chair, should be available to anyone with limited mobility.
From the idea and through smart, simple design, I developed the Free Range Powerchair. A recreational power chair that is:
  • Capable, empowering me to expand the boundries of my limited mobility.
  • Simple, easy to access, easy to operate, easy to maintain,
  • Affordable, "quality of life" should not be held hostage by over pricing.
  • All the stuff you want, not expensive options.
Priced from $4995
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